What To Pack: Beauty Bag Essentials

24 Oct

In my day-to-day life I’m a cosmetic junkie with more lipstick and eyeshadow shades than I know what to do with, but when I pack for a trip I like each item in my beauty bag to serve several purposes. I also consider my location (if I’m going on a beach holiday I probably won’t need much make-up) and the availability of the items once I land (do they have toothbrush sanitizers in India?). These are my tried-and-true beauty bag essentials for when I hit the road:

1. Baby Wipes – This is listed in the #1 spot for a reason: I do not  travel without them. You can use baby wipes to freshen up your stinky body after an all-day outing, wipe your sweaty face, wash your hands when there’s no water, clean up spills and you can even turn the great outdoors into your very own bathroom! I always find new uses and am grateful I packed them!

2. Sunscreen – I’m incredibly fair-skinned and spent too much of my life not taking the damaging effects of the sun seriously but now I won’t travel without a facial sunscreen (I’m prone to breakouts) and giant bottle of two of the regular stuff. Even if you’re nowhere near a beach and just walking around a city for the day, it won’t hurt to smear a coat of some coconut-scented, ray-protecting lube on your precious skin.

3. Mouthwash – If you’re traveling in a country where you can’t trust the water or you’re in a place where there is no water, mouthwash can hold you over until you can give your teeth a proper brushing. It’s also a good substitute if you’re about to crash from exhaustion and can’t will yourself to brush your teeth but still have the consciousness to know you’ll regret skipping that nightly step.

3. Baby Powder – Use to freshen hair when you haven’t had a chance to wash, deodorize shoes, absorb body sweat and help prevent blisters.

4. Snap On Toothbrush Sanitizer – I love these because they not only protect your naked toothbrush from rubbing up against all the other things in your bag but they stop germs from breeding on your bristles!

3. Tea Tree Oil – A tiny bottle of this potent antiseptic will do. Use a few drops for minor cuts, burns, abrasions, pimples, boils, bites and stings. When I was in the Saigon airport a man accidentally dragged a suitcase over my foot and it almost took my big toe nail off. The nail was hanging by a thread and looked like it might get infected. I put a few drops of oil where the nail lifted and the next morning my toe stopped throbbing and the skin looked nice and healthy. I swear by this stuff!

4. Organic Aloe Vera Gel – Apply to sunburns, rashes, stings, pimples, irritated skin and minor cuts.

5. Coconut oil (tightly closed) – Eye, lash and brow conditioner, face, lip, cuticle and body moisturizer, hair oil, eye makeup remover, tanning oil, skin irritation soother, sexual lubricant and cooking oil. It smells and feels amazing and depending on your location you may be able to pick it up at the source. I’ve bought some in Thailand, Vietnam and Fiji for a fraction of the cost. Just be careful to seal it properly and place in a plastic bag if flying because it’s hard to get out of clothes.

6.  Aquaphor Minis-  An eye cream, cuticle softener, extra dry skin moisturizer and lip balm. Especially helpful for wind or snow burn or when your nostrils chap after days of blowing your nose.

7. Alka Seltzer tablets – Fast acting relief for hangovers, heartburn, indigestion, sour stomach related to travel sickness or food poisoning, headache and body aches. It may prevent a UTI from developing if taken at the onset of symptoms since it alkalinizes urine.

8. Blister Band-Aids – Even the most broken-in, comfortable shoes can give you a blister after a long day of sight-seeing. These always come in handy.

9. Apple cider vinegar tablets – Take for digestion, travel sickness, cold/flu, acid reduction and general well-being. I used to take shots of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey every time I had an upset stomach or felt a cold coming on but now I take the tablets instead to protect my teeth from the harsh acids. You know what they say about having an apple a day…

10. Stain To Go Pen -Because accidents happen and these can prolong the time between laundry days and pickup stains before they set.

3 Responses to “What To Pack: Beauty Bag Essentials”

  1. Healthnut Nutrition October 24, 2012 at 10:03 PM #

    Great tips! I’m currently travelling through Australia so these are all very useful products for me to carry in my luggage.

  2. Melissa Grace Hoon November 3, 2012 at 4:01 PM #

    Alex, thanks again for an awesome post! I thought I had the essentials in my travel beauty bag, but you’ve helped me add and eliminate so that the next time I travel, I’ll only have the true and clever essentials!

  3. Natalie Box ~ The Writer's Ink March 20, 2013 at 6:08 AM #

    Hi beautiful! This is a great blog! Well done :):) See you Friday… Nat. X

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