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Aussie Speak 101

17 Sep

Yes, we speak the same language but as an American living in Australia I find myself asking for linguistic clarification all the time.

“Can I pass the, what?…What did you just call him?…”

Aussie English is much closer to British English than American English is, but like us they’ve put their own spin on things, often truncating words by adding an -o or -ies at the end.

Here are some of the words or phrases I commonly hear:

Aussie – American

How ya going? – How are you doing?, How are you?

good on ya – well done, good for you

have a yawn – talk

she’ll be right – it’ll be okay

that’s alright – response to thank you

heaps – a lot, a bunch

mate – friend

reckon – think, agreement

piss – beer

get pissed – get drunk

have the shits- get upset, get pissed

too easy – that was simple

ratbag – trouble maker

root – fuck

rubbish – trash, bullshit, not very good

partner – boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance, spouse, same-sex lover

legs eleven – long, sexy legs that go all the way up to heaven

arvo – afternoon

whinge – complain

duner – comforter, blanket

i’m shouting  –  i’m buying, my treat, it’s on me

skull – chug (a drink)

boot – trunk

bonnet – hood

rego – register (car, etc.)

stuffed – messed up, full, fucked up

sunnies – sunglasses

uni – university

DNM – deep and meaninful (conversation)

tea – supper

lift – elevator

chemist – pharmacy

bottle shop – liquor store

serviette – napkin

takeaway – take out, leftovers

lolies – candy, sweets

gone 0ff (food) – spoiled

Maccas – McDonald’s

feed meal

esky cooler

flake shark meat

avos – avocado

holiday vacation

ambo – ambulence

cozzie – swimsuit

bikki – biscuit

brekkie – breakfast

billy – bong toke

bloke – guy, man’s man

Brizzie – Brisbane

chook – chicken

jumper – sweater

doodle – penis

doco – documentary, document

sheila – woman (derogatory)

The postcard I sent my mom during my first trip to Australia. Her name is Sheila.

footy – league rugby

old lady – mom

old man – dad

oldies – parents

pokies – poker machines, gambling slot machines

missus – wife, girlfriend

grouse – good, cool, awesome

joey – baby kangaroo

chubby – boner

journo – journalist

knock – criticize

mozzie – mosquito

no dramas – no worries

op shop – thrift store

petrol – gas

servo – gas (petrol) station

carton – case of beer

spunk – stud, babe

stickybeak – nosy person

tinny – small aluminum boat

ute –pickup truck

knackered – tired

grog- alcoholic drink

tomato sauce- ketchup

poof – gay man

nic- condition

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