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The Sounds @ The U.S. Open

14 Aug

The Sounds frontwoman, Maja Ivarsson, is a rockstar in every sense of the word. She marches onstage as the band starts playing, clapping her hands to the beat, and you’re instantly compelled to follow her lead. The crowd brims with anticipation as the claps get more intense, when suddenly, she opens her mouth and the lyrics finally come out.

With shaggy platinum blonde hair, a black leather jacket, matching heels, and a dangerously short romper, Maja epitomizes the female take on rock n’ roll and has the attitude to match. The Swedish babe riles up the crowd throughout the show, kicking her legs high in the air or dropping to the floor – wherever the music takes her.

In between songs she’ll grab a cigarette and puff away or take a few sips from her mysterious plastic cup. She drops f-bombs the way Valley girls say ‘like’ and she’ll call out the crowd if they aren’t rocking out hard enough.

She sticks with her post-punk indie-rock roots, though the sound of their latest album Something to Die For is much more electronic. It’s not surprising that three fans were arrested during last week’s free show at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach.

When the first crazed fan ran onstage, bolting for Maja, she gave the star a hug and tried for a kiss but was dragged offstage – fighting back the whole way. But when the same fan somehow snuck onstage again, this time with a friend, Maja was noticeably freaked out and gracefully ran from the kooky girls without compromising the song.

The show must go on, as they say.

And it did: complete with more ballsy fans stage diving and crowd surfers wearing nothing but skimpy bathing suits.

The Sounds wrapped up their set with “Living in America” off their 2002 debut album of the same name and Maja said they’d be back in the fall doing a tour, but the fans were not satisfied. From the moment the song ended, they chanted, “One more song!” and were disgusted when the wannabe-‘E!’-network-hosts came onstage to announce the winners of the Invisalign Teen ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ award.

Everyone booed and irritated fans started leaving. The obviously inexperienced hosts didn’t know how to handle the crowd and one of them screamed, “Relax, we got you. Jesus! I want ya’ll loud when these people get their awards or I’m telling The Sounds to go home.”

The opposing crowd finally gave up and feigned interest as the kids ran onstage to grab their checks.

The things we’ll put up with for a free concert.

When the Sounds finally made their way back onstage, the energy between the musicians and the crowd was as strong as when the set opened and the fans’ patience was awarded with two songs: “Tony The Beat” and “Hope You’re Happy Now.”

When the songs were over, Maja proclaimed, “Thank you. The Sounds love you and we’ll be back in the fall!”

Check back on OCMM for Orange County tour dates.

(Originally published in OC Music Magazine)

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